This guide aims to help you to organise an unforgettable WikiStage event.

To get you started, we have created a short video that covers the main aspects of your event, enjoy!


Step 1: Your Event Name

Every WikiStage organiser is recognised by a specific license name.


WikiStage ESCP Europe
WikiStage Algiers
WikiStage Maison de l'Europe de Paris

Step 2: Apply for your license

To organise a WikiStage event, you need a license. It's free! Apply for it here to secure your favourite event name:

Apply here.

Step 3: Get started!

After you submitted your application, we'll directly email you - either to ask for more information or to approve your event name and license. Once confirmed, our Event Coordinator will reach out to you help you with the following:


When it comes to organising a great conference, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. (Here in France, people say: "to reinvent hot water"). Together with our community, we organised dozens of events and conferences and we put the most useful information, best-practices and templates in our "WikiStage Toolkit" for you. In there you will find:

  • Your personalised WikiStage logo 
  • Templates for posters, flyers, badges and the event programme
  • Templates for letters, brochures, business cards & presentations
  • WikiStage image files (e.g. the WikiStage puzzle piece)- lists and planning templates to help you plan your event organisation
  • Budget examples and contract templates
  • The Visual Identity Manual

Visual Identity Manual

We have created the following Visual Identity Guide for all WikiStage organisers to help you with the communication around your event.


Your Social Media Accounts

Our Community Manager will get you started with:

  • A Facebook page for your event
  • A Twitter account with your event name

and more, depending on what you need. You can also decide to communicate with your exiting social media accounts, for example, if you are integrating WikiTalks into an event that is not WikiStage branded. You can indicate this in the license application form.

Your Event Website 

All WikiStage events have a free event page on 
For example: 

Event page of WikiStage Stanford

In addition, we recommend event organisers to have a website that presents your speakers and programme.

We offer to create a website template for you for 40€ for 6 months. It's the best solution we could find, easy to use with drag and drop. The URL will be:


For your communication

It's "WikiStage", not "Wikistage" or "Wiki Stage". Please always take care to refer to the WikiStage brand with the right spelling.

Do not speak in the name of "WikiStage", but as independent organiser, you have been granted a specific co-branding license name. For example: "WikiStage Stanford". Always use this specific event name in all of your communication.

For WikiTalks

Keep WikiTalks free of promotional content:

  • No Sponsor logos on stage while the talk is filmed
  • No corporate branding of the slides of a speaker's presentation
  • No company presentations or promotional pitches in a WikiTalk
  • The logo of a sponsor can only be shown at the end of the video before the WikiStage outro

Upload the WikiTalks to WikiStage

  • Each organiser takes care of filming and video editing of their WikiTalks
  • Add the WikiStage intro & outro with your personalised WikiStage logo at the beginning and the end of the video
  • We will provide you access to upload the WikiTalks