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Use the WikiTalks format to share the knowledge and build presentation skills

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Educational Services

Engage both lecturers and students, and give them an opportunity to speak about topics they care about publicly. Encourage intelligent discussion, and develop a platform for public debate at your educational institution. WikiStage’s “WikiTalks” are a perfect opportunity to teach public speaking, and allow the students to share their opinions with their colleagues and learn from each other.

Learning and communicating in the 21st century is a lot different than it was in the past. Thanks to the internet and new technologies, educational institutions have an opportunity to create new platforms for learning and engaging students on and off campus. There is no better way for your students to learn and get involved than to speak in front of their peers and lecturers about topics they are interested in. Not only will the students learn how to debate in a structured, professional and concise manner, they will also discover the importance of public debate, knowledge sharing and learning. The lessons they pick up from delivering a WikiTalk, or more WikiTalks will be useful for their development as professionals and members of a democratic society.